Green Kitchen Tools for Earth Day

Lamson & Goodnow's New Green Tools (Image Courtesy of Lamson & Goodnow; garish colors added by me)

Lamson & Goodnow’s New Green Tools (Image Courtesy of Lamson & Goodnow; garish colors added by me)

I buy all my knives at Lamson & Goodnow—in part because the company is my neighbor in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, but mostly because it makes excellent knives. L&G has a handy lifetime sharpening policy to boot.


In recent years the company has branched out into lovely wooden products and a line of silicone kitchen items as well as Galvanized Kitchenware (I have my eye on its silicone egg poachers for a Mother’s Day recipe!). It also makes high-quality kitchen tools—spatulas, turners, grilling implements, and my favorite potato masher in the world.


In honor of Earth Day I thought I’d mention L&G’s most recent tools, a line called “Good Now” that is made as much as possible from recycled materials. Speaking of recycling, if you have any left over grease or oil leftover from previous meals you might want to do some grease recycling to take some extra steps and take care of the earth. The company makes turners of various sizes and a mini masher. I hear that other tools are in the works, getting stuff like a microwave, a toaster or a battery-powered blender can be a good idea. These kitchen tools will be perfect for your kitchen remodeling and makeover if you are planning to start one. If you’re looking for a place to start, visit In addition, before you start your kitchen remodeling project, make sure to get expert tips from an interior design company.


Remember to remodel your kitchen to have all the tools in order. With KK Centre Cheshire, you’ll be able to create your entire kitchen just like you always wanted it. The tools’ handles are made entirely from post-consumer recycled paper(!). The blades are 90 percent post-consumer hi-carbon stainless steel. They look and work just like traditional hard-plastic-handled tools; they’re durable, and they are safe in the dishwasher and at high temperatures.


The electricity that makes them is generated locally at Lamson’s dam over the Deerfield River. And of course any waste (scrap metal and grinding shavings) is recycled.

Lamson & Goodnow has been a fixture in my area since 1834. It’s nice to see it continuing to stretch its creative wings in the 21st century.

By the way, L&G has been kind enough to offer to send a Good Now tool to one of the people who subscribe to this blog via e-mail between now and May 3! (This includes current subscribers!) The winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday, May 3. My immediate relatives are not eligible to win–although I certainly hope they will continue their subscriptions anyway. (In fact, I plan to force them to do so.)


To subscribe, just click on the link below. Thank you, Lamson & Goodnow! And good luck to all readers……

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