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An Autumn Anniversary

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

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My father died eleven years ago today.
My dog Truffle and I went around the block today to the Pudding Hollow Cemetery to lay a small pumpkin on his grave.
I love his epitaph (my mother’s idea): “A Gentle Man.” Simple and apt.  
I also love the cemetery itself. Behind my father’s grave is a stone wall–and behind the stone wall the hills are just beginning to take on color, just as they were in October 1998.


I don’t delude myself that my father’s spirit is actually there in the Pudding Hollow Cemetery. He would never linger long in a place so quiet. He loved conversation, activity … people.

Nevertheless, it’s a lovely spot in which to remember his humor, wisdom, and charm.
If you’d like to read more about my wonderful, gentle father, take a look at the post I wrote on what would have been his 90th birthday. And please take a little time today to celebrate your own parents……..
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