Please Stand By

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Dear Readers (and Haphazard Visitors):
I have a wonderful recipe to share with you. It is stored in my laptop. Unfortunately, the Tinky laptop is under the weather.
The manufacturer is allegedly sending me disks that will (again allegedly) take care of the problem.
Until then, “In Our Grandmothers’ Kitchens” will be dark.
I promise new recipes and a book giveaway will be wending their way through the ethernet soon.
In the meanwhile, enjoy the lovely fall weather…………

2 Responses to “Please Stand By”

  1. Julie says:

    I will be breathless in anticipation. (Do you hear that laptop manufacturer?)

  2. mattenylou says:

    Your faithful readers will be impatiently waiting…

    When you’re done repairing your computer, I have 3 keys that need reattaching. Perhaps you can help with your new found knowledge. (I have all the pieces, they were expertly removed by my darling feline’s claws when she was being removed from said keyboard.)

    Yeeesh! If it’s one thing, it’s ten others!