Day Two

Some of these actually went up last night–but I didn’t find out about them until this morning!
Rob of Baked Orchard shares a delicious slideshow of the Copley Square Farmers Market.
Theresa of Farm Share Stories provides non-recipes for a lazy summer day courtesy of her farm share.
Jackie of Wicked Domestic recounts a visit to Greenfest 2010–and the produce stalls at Boston’s Haymarket.
Tara of Happy Valley Mama previews her MULTIPLE posts for the week.
Hannah of The Bitch Stopped Cooking discusses some of the tomato and squash dishes she may make this week–and ponders her husband’s possible reaction to them. (Hannah, go for the summer squash sloppy joes!)
Kathleen of Parlez-Moi Blog provides her recipe for a spicy, local fish stew.
Kimmy of Lighter and Local talks about her visit to the Newburyport Farmers Market–and describes what she has been doing lately with her produce. The potato and squash savory tart looks particularly tempting. 
Megan of Delicious Dishings talks about her haul from the Union Square Farmers Market in Somervile. Warning: do not read this post if you are hungry! 
Bargain Becky returns with a look at her yummy home garden. 
Disposable Aardvarks displays charming locally oriented bento lunches. (This post actually went up Sunday, but we only just saw it!) 
In Monday’s post, Disposable Aardvarks sings the praises of tomatoes and shares vegan tomato recipes
Caroline and Tim at the Kitchen Garden Journal write about the end of summer and the slower delights of the colder seasons. 

Catherine of Pursuing Domestic Goddess-ness recalls picking peaches and raspberries at Tougas Farm in Northboro.

Catherine also leads readers through the joys and terrors of large-scale tomato canning. 

Jillian of (Mis)Adventures with Food provides a colorful red cabbage recipe designed for non-cabbage fans.
The Boston Globe‘s Green Blog spreads the word about the blogathon–and about Farmers Market Week!

Diane and Laura of New England Bites visit Johnson’s Roadside Farm Market in Swansea. 

Bits by Bets provides both an overview of the week and tips for keeping kids happy while picking berries.

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  1. So many wonderful recipes – so many clothes that won’t fit if I eat that much!!

  2. tinkyweisblat says:

    Frayed, it’s permissible (although hard, I admit) to read all the posts without rushing off to make and eat everything!

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