Amy’s Award-Winning Super Chili


The Big Game is just around the corner. (Apparently, unauthorized people are not allowed to combine the words “Super” and “Bowl” into one phrase lest they violate copyright and get raided by the Football Gestapo. So we’re calling it the Big Game. You know what I mean.)


The traditional dish for this event is chili. I usually make my standard beef chili, but this year my college roommate Amy MacDonald has offered something more unusual. Her chili was tied for first place in a chili cook-off last year. She says she was inspired by a class she took years ago with chef/instructor Pat Kapp.


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2 Responses to “Amy’s Award-Winning Super Chili”

  1. Carol Cooke says:

    This looks absolutely fab for a cold winter’s night. Love the kielbasa. As always, the photos are super. Love the football necklace!

  2. tinkyweisblat says:

    I’m glad you could tell it was a football necklace!

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