A Winner!

(Courtesy of Kosher.com)

(Courtesy of Kosher.com)

Thanks to everyone who left a comment or wrote a Tweet to enter the Hamentaschen drawing from Kosher.com
I loved reading about your favorite holidays–which included Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Passover, and one’s own birthday–and seeing what interested you at Kosher.com. (This ranged from bread to arugula!)
I’m pleased to announce that the random drawing has taken place. The winner is Commonweeder, a.k.a. Pat Leuchtman. A gardener, writer, and librarian, Pat lives in Heath, Massachusetts. Her blog, Commonweeder, is well worth a visit.
Pat had a little trouble identifying her favorite holiday. “To choose a favorite holiday or favorite holiday food is impossible,” she wrote in her comment. “All holidays are just great reasons for making a seasonal treat.” You took the words right out of my mouth, Commonweeder!
Pat highlighted the link on Kosher.com about trying to eat moderately (and exercise!) even in the midst of holiday feasts.
Pat, your Hamentaschen should be on their way shortly. Happy almost Purim, everyone, and thank you again to Kosher.com for offering this holiday treat!
(Courtesy of Commonweeder)

(Courtesy of Commonweeder)

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  1. BumbleVee says:

    …. pout…. congrats Pat……

    no, really… congratulations on winning chocolate…you lucky bum you….

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